Hello! My name is Joshua Budman.

Originally on a course to becoming a chemist, I realized in my last year of university that I would rather do something a lot more creative with my life. After a year of traveling in Australia, I returned to Montreal to pursue a new career path in graphic design. One year of school and 9 years of working in the field and here I am, a changed man!

I am currently the in-house packaging designer for a hosiery and legwear company. I know it sounds boring, but it is quite fun. I strive to make awesome designs while trying to add a playful touch to them. I also do freelance work, so if you’re looking for someone to design something unique just for you, then look no further. Contact me here!

When not doing graphics, I am on stage performing improvisational comedy. It is a passion of mine, and I get great joy making people laugh. The fun thing about being both a comedian and a designer is I get to make posters for myself!

Feel free to look at some of my work on my portfolio page.

Thanks for stopping by.

Joshua Budman